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We aim to help you to live your dreams in balance, and that means supporting you in all areas of your life: mind, body, soul, love and home. Our sterling silver Vision Charms, Vision Board Kits, and other products encourage you to visualize the desired end result in various aspects of your life. When constantly around you they are reminders for you to stay focused, positive and confident. Whether you want to buy a new house, change your career, find your soul mate, lose weight or enjoy a special vacation, we have the vision charms and vision board kits for you to get started. Stay in touch with LivingMyDream for helpful resources as well. Our blog and social media posts are aimed at supporting you with guidance as you take the steps to achieve your goals. At LivingMyDream, we know all of your dreams can come true, even sooner than you think.

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At LivingMyDream, we aim to make it fun and easy for you to live your dreams. We aspire to create a world where we all follow our greatest dreams while helping and supporting each other to do the same. Our sterling silver vision charm jewelry is designed to help you keep your goals and aspirations in your sight and in your mind at all times, so that you can visualize and realize your dreams, every day. LivingMyDream is proudly affiliated with Love Without Boundaries to help bring underprivileged and impoverished children a step closer to living their dreams as well, on a mission to start the Dreamcycle.


LivingMyDream’s Dreamcycle is meant to create a world where people support and empower one another to live their dreams. We want to enable individuals to easily tap into the values of creative visualization, while simultaneously giving back in order to reinforce the community for the future. Wearers of LivingMyDream jewelry get closer to living their own dreams through visualization, and recipients of LivingMyDream’s charitable contributions are simultaneously getting closer to living their dreams. It is a cycle for good. Visualize what you want to achieve and never let that go. Stay focused. Be yourself. Give back. Live as if. And, always dream big.

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